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We are focused on creative and innovative solutions.

At the heart of Cursormade is a team of creative and strategic professionals, all sharing in the same creative passion, philosophy and firm belief in the power of great ideas. We are dedicated to helping our clients develop more meaningful relationships with their customers through brand, communication, creative and the digital channels.

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Our Capabilities

Cursormade Multimedia is an renowned branding and digital agency that specializes in creating bold strategies and brand experiences for ambitious brands.

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    Business Analysis

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    Collect Resources

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    Develop Themes

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    Publish Projects

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This is why we are chosen

We Can Provide you with

  • Still Graphics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Branding
  • Printing and Publication
  • Website Design

Like we say, “when class and professionalism is needed, Cursormade is the one to call”. We pride ourselves in been able to create a customer based and satisfactory design for a wide range of customers cutting across various field of life from tech to education to religion to fashion and cosmetic. Still designs such as Logos, social media display pictures, e-fliers, fliers, posters, handbills, billboards, business cards etc. are all within our purview and we deliver the best quality.


Motion graphics often connects more with the audience and is usually more eye catching. This is the reason why most companies and brands employ it for their TV and electronic billboard adverts and also for various social media ad campaigns. Cursormade is your best bet for all forms of motion graphics such as animations (2D and 3D), montages, intros, Portfolios, Motion adverts and Documentaries.

Good branding is just like a balanced diet needed and required for the unhindered and non stunted growth of your business or company no matter the field you are. At Cursormade we are dedicated to branding, re-branding and helping with brand expansion for both existing and start up companies and businesses.

We don’t just design and leave our client/customers who would want to print or publish to their fate or let them fall victim to substandard printers and publishers. We understand the fact that quality talk of itself so we offer top notch printing and publishing service and also provide ISBN for our writing clients.

Living in a technological dispensation came with a whole lots of perks and advantages that business cant but take full advantage of. One of such is the availability of Websites where existing and prospective client can have a sneak peek to your company, know of your services and also get useful information concerning your company. At Cursormade, we give you the best, user friendly and ‘beautiful’ websites. Ensuring that your companies core values, services and brands are well passed to the site visitors.

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we’re Cursormade Multimedia, a branding & digital agency for those who change the game.